Five Important Elements of a Business Plan

Five Important Elements of a Business Plan

When writing a business plan, it must be carefully edited to ensure that it has the right amount of information and perfectly communicates the goal, mission statement, and plants of your company to potential investors and lending officers. You have one shot to interest investors, so spending plenty of time going over your business plan will only benefit your company and chances of possibly landing an investor or that loan that you so desperately need.

In this post we’ll detail some tips to be aware of so you can make the best impression possible when presenting your business plan. Instead of being stressed out and trying to create a business plan on your own, Business Plan City can help you! Our written business plans start at only $99, and can be utilized to effectively create a professional document that will be sure to impress. Contact us now to get started!

Get Rid of Unnecessary Fluff

While you may want to share your business’ story and the amount of work and thought that you’ve put into the name of your company, you should always aim to be as concise as possible.

Having extended blocks of text can be overwhelming and time-intensive to read, and may even cause a potential investor to skip important information about your business.

Even if it sounds nice, it’s best to always get to the point.

Remember, time is money, and reducing the text as much as possible and conveying what you’re trying to say in a few short sentences will be much more effective. This may take some time and require several edits to create the final product, but an investor will appreciate your short and succinct business plan.

Be Realistic With Your Expectations

While everyone who creates a business has big dreams, it’s best to conserve those hopes when writing a business plan.

Be honest with yourself so you can accurately convey why you need an investor and what you intend to complete by the next year or two.

Use your ideas to your advantage so you can discuss the challenges that you expect to face and how you plan to handle them.

While you want your business to grow, you also want to be prepared for any issues that could possibly come up.

Be Conservative

One of the most common mistakes of business plans is that they’re not conservative.

Which causes business investors and lenders to balk at the huge claims and plans for growth.

The best way to prove that you’ll be a conservative business owner is by examples,

So compile a list of how you’ve been conservative and careful in your business dealings.

Hence you can help put investors and lenders at ease.

Visuals are Always Better

If you can, a presentation with photos is always better and will help a potential investor or lender understand the entire scope and design of your business. Graphs, charts, and images will be appreciated and can help take your business plan to the next level.

As the old adage goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words”,

And adding images to your presentation will be sure to impress and accurately convey the goal of your company.

Be Creative

Finally capturing attention and standing out is a good thing and needed for your presentation.

Having an excellent business plan will only get you so far.

You need personality, creativity, and even humor to help an investor or loan officer become interested in your company.

And want to give you the funding that you need.

Don’t resort to cheap ploys or dumb humor, but harness your individuality and creative ideas.

To perfectly convey your business plan and ideas.

Being unique will help you to remain in the investor’s mind.

And could even help you to get a second meeting.

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You can customize your written business plan to include everything that you need,

And then add your individual touches from there.

A business plan paired with a presentation to investors or lenders can be nerve-wracking,

But getting the funding that you need for your company is essential to the growth of your business.

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